Monday, September 21, 2009

The Menu!

Spanky's Food

Spanky's strives to offer quality food and beverages in a welcoming,
comfortable setting. As well, Spanky's is committed
to supporting the community by utilizing Peterborough's locally
owned and operated independent businesses.

Spanky's Salads

Spanky's House
side $4 - large $6
your choice of 3 homemade dressings
balsamic honey, poppy seed, or ginger lime
toppings – roasted nuts, feta cheese and today’s berries
add $3 for ‘free range’ chicken

Classic Caesar
side $4 - large $6
Homemade Caesar served with ‘our butchers’
bacon and homemade croutons
add $3 for ‘free range’ chicken

Spanky's Social Platters

Spanky’s Meat & Cheese Block
Med. $15 - Large $20
cold meats – smoked ham, kabosa, salami, & herb’s pepperettes
variety of daily cheeses and fruits, green/black olives,
marinated/pickled veggies with mixed crackers

Cheese, Fruit, Veggies, Dips & Cracker Plate
Med. $15 - Large $20
variety of daily cheeses and fruits, marinated/pickled veggies,
fresh mixed veg, sun-dried tomatoe spread, balsamic honey dip,
served with mixed crackers and homemade garlic sticks

Spanky's Grilled Panini’s

Served with your choice of today’s breads,
homemade dip, kettle baked chips & pickles.

The Meats…

The Canadian Club $9
‘free range’ chicken, ‘our butchers’ bacon, cherry tomatoes,
aged cheddar, mayo served with our garlic/chipolte dip

*NEW. Spanky’s Philly Cheese Steak $9
thinly sliced beef with sauteed onions & green peppers
topped with provolone cheese and garlic mayo on a roll.
served panini style or lightly toasted.

Britney's Pesto Chicken $9
'free range' chicken, aged cheddar,
homemade roasted red pepper spread, pesto
served with our honey balsamic dip

Spanky’s Hammy Cran $9
‘our butchers’ honey smoked ham, cranberries,
brie & gruyere cheeses served with
old fashion honey mustard dip

The Vegetarians…

The Fruit & Cheese Classic $7
apples & grapes with a touch of cranberry sauce with
brie & gruyere cheeses with organic honey
served with our homemade honey balsamic dip

The Nirvana $7
homemade hummus, grilled zuccini, avocado, sprouts,
with brie & gruyere cheeses
served with our homemade honey balsamic dip



  1. I was kicked out at 2:05am after ordering a pitcher at 1:55am when I had approximately 1/2 of a pitcher left. Very unimpressed. I can receive pitchers for $19.00 elsewhere and the bouncers will let me finish them without assaulting me.

  2. Oh boo hoo. That's what you get for ordering it so close to close. You were probably too drunk. Spanky's is awesome, the food is great and the bar staff is friendly and quick. Spanky's has a great atmosphere and as you can tell by the last post responsible bouncers!

  3. I ordered a pitcher at 1:55 2 days ago, finished that puppy at around 2:15 with a friendly reminder from the bouncers, maybe you're just a drunk clown?